A review on a KredibleCV, is an honest assessment of a professional you directly worked with or experienced value from. They can come from a:

  • Past Client
  • Colleague
  • Supervisor or Manager
  • Mentor
  • Collaborator

Ideally anyone who is in a good position to provide a detail portrayal of a professional’s skillset, observed and experienced over a period of time, can give a review. If you haven’t already, you may want to read this article first otherwise feel free to scroll down to the review form.

Getting Started: Edit Profile

Once you sign up on KrediblePro, your first task is filling up your KredibleCV which will be empty.

To get started, you can edit your profile and start adding the following details

  1. Profile Headline
  2. Talent Category (industry)
  3. Employment status
  4. Expertise and skills (you want to receive endorsements for)
  5. Languages (you can proficiently use in a professional setting)

Identity verification

Now you are ready to have your identity verified so you can have the verification checkmark.

To get verified, you have 2 options:

  1. Verify with LinkedIn (if you have at least 200 LinkedIn connections)
  2. Government-issued ID (secured safely on our encrypted database)

If you do this well, or use LinkedIn as I did, it should look something like this:

If you use a government-issued ID, our team will be able to verify you within a few days.

Once identity verification is out of the way, you are ready to receive your first review! You can get started by inviting your past colleagues, managers, clients and collaborators who worked with you closely enough to give you a review and rate the experience of the value you can bring as a professional.

The KrediblePro review form

Before you ask for a review, it is important you understand the review form we use to build up your KredibleCV. To access the form, go to any user’s KredibleCV profile eg

Click Write a Review

Click Normal Review. You can also check what a microReview is here and how it is different from the normal review.
Screenshot 2022-07-14 at 04.05.52

and you should see the form which starts with the following questions:

1. How do you know the person?

2. How long did you work together?

3. Did you pay them for this work?

4. Kredibility Rating

5. Execution Rating

Projects and Performance Assessment Questions

  1. What was your project/objectives?
  2. What was the professional responsible for?
  3. What did they do well?
  4. What was the impact of their work /results compared to your objectives?
  5. Share link or upload sample of their work during your collaboration.

Video Review

Audio Review

Skills Endorsement
On KrediblePro, only people who worked with you directly can endorse your skills or the languages you can speak proficiently in a professional setting.

Language Endorsement

And done!

Now that you know what the review form looks like, go ahead and request your first professional review or give one to someone you know on the platform!

How to request a Review/Recommendation

  1. Share your profile link with that person and they follow the process described above.


  1. On your KredibleCV, click Request recommendation

Add your recommender’s details
Screenshot 2022-07-14 at 04.29.16

Click Request and they will be invited to create an account on KrediblePro and give you a review!

Once you get your first review you can go ahead and download your KredibleCV pdf and share it with anyone you want to prove your credibility to. You can also just share your profile link and they can see all your reviews whether they are logged in or not.

That’s it. We will keep adding more documentation under this tag.