Rwazi Partner Program General Update 10 May 2022

We’re so happy to have you as part of the Rwazi Partner Program, managed by KrediblePro. Thank you for the belief you have in this initiative and most importantly, betting on yourself. Check out our support group and these newsletters to stay tuned on program updates including tips on how to succeed under the Rwazi Partner Program!

In this communication we share some community updates, tips on getting started, creator spotlight and content guideline reminders. It should be good!


  • Size of community: 124 members of the Rwazi Partner Program
  • Number of people in the official Tyfaa support group: 10
  • Payout requests made: 5
  • Payout requests approved: 2

Getting started tip: Pick a theme. What inspires you?

The KrediblePro team, for example, is inspired by job seekers and the untold struggles they face trying to find new work. So we are going to show you how we create content that inspires us but also meets the content guidelines under the Rwazi Partner Program. Check out our short Tweet thread here! See it below as well.

Please go like and share our content so we can make money too!! #Rwazi #KrediblePro #RwaziAmbassador

Creator Spotlight: Mr. Nuraddeen from Nigeria!

Content guideline explained: “Rwazi” must be in the title or hashtags

Some of the content we reviewed this past month was quite interesting and touched on the themes we like; around youth unemployment and helping young people make money.

However, because it was missing Rwazi’s name in the title, description, and/or hashtags, it ultimately did not meet one of the main content guidelines. Content which fits this criteria is not eligible for payouts under the Rwazi Partner Program.

So please remember, as you create any post or content, even if it is unrelated to Rwazi’s themes and message, you can still go ahead and make sure to include “Rwazi” or #Rwazi in its title so that you get paid if you get enough traction as laid out in our guidelines.

Happy creating!
Cheers, KrediblePro Team

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