Understanding microReviews on KrediblePro

Ever wondered how many people you impact positively without actually working with directly or even intending to do so?

Whether you run a newsletter on Substack, write educational threads on Twitter, create content on your YouTube channel, or speak on public webinars, seminars and forums; chances are you have people that are learning from you from afar, and their lives are better for it.

On KrediblePro, we believe that microReviews together with reviews are a missing piece in how we document the (sometimes not so obvious) value and impact we make online and offline.

KrediblePro is a platform where working professionals can give and receive reviews from their past colleagues, managers, and clients who know them well or directly experienced value from them.

Reviews in general have become a staple of the e-commerce experience and making a purchasing decision online. Which is why on KrediblePro, every talent profile is made up of reviews and microReviews.

MicroReviews on KrediblePro are testimonials given to professionals by people who have experienced their value without a defined formal or prolonged working relationship with them.

For opportunity seekers and talent in general, microReviews are a real opportunity to get a more reliable and holistic understanding of the value people can create through the lenses of those who actually experienced this value, even indirectly. This creates for a multi-dimensional talent profile than CVs or LinkedIn profiles which show a self-curated image of a professional, devoid of reliable testimonials of their track record.

What we are doing is giving a twist to how professional internet platforms build credible user pages. The average platform is self-curated. Your KrediblePro profile will be made up of only verified testimonials (reviews and microReviews) and you can expect the same from fellow community members.

Who can give a microReview on KrediblePro?

Anyone on KrediblePro can receive a microReview from people who they impacted, regardless of a formal working relationship. This could be online through social media, webinars or offline through public forums or mutual acquaintances.

Why are microReviews important for my profile?

MicroReviews capture the value and impact you make or people you may not even be aware are positively affected by the work you do. Together with normal reviews, this gives another dimension to who you are and your documented track record of adding value as testified by real people who are better through you.

This is important in building trust and proving your worth to recruiters, potential clients and collaborators who may want to work with you in some capacity. Your KrediblePro profile can double as your website, or link in social media bio’s, detailing just what a professional catch you are once those microReviews and reviews start to add up.

Learn about giving or receiving your first microReview on KrediblePro here.