Understanding Reviews on KrediblePro

Reviews have become a staple of the e-commerce experience and making a purchasing decision online.

Be it on eBay, where you buy used items from strangers; or AirBnB where you travel to a new city with confidence that you can actually safely live in a home owned by someone you are not remotely connected to in any way. You want to know that others who have taken a bet on these traders and service providers did in fact get value for their time and money before you, too, take the same leap.

Once that assertion is clear, all of a sudden, the next step feels quite clear and almost risk-free. We trust these reviews, because we know people are more likely to be honest about an experience when they put some skin in the game; when they invest time or money in the product or service.

For opportunity seekers and talent in general, reviews are a real opportunity to get a more reliable understanding of the value people can create through the lenses of those who actually experienced this value. This is much more reliable than CVs or LinkedIn profiles which show a self-curated image of a professional, devoid of reliable testimonials of their track record.

On KrediblePro, we believe that reviews are the missing piece of a recruitment screening process that makes it difficult to discover great talent quickly, with confidence. KrediblePro is a platform where working professionals can give and receive reviews from their past colleagues, managers, and clients who know them well or directly experienced value from them.

What we are doing is giving a twist to what the recruitment industry currently calls reference-checking. We think recruiters and candidates alike are better off reference-checking candidates before even looking at CVs/résumé’s.

In fact, recruiters report that 84% of candidates lie on their CVs and profiles when they apply for jobs. Which means that the current process is designed to discover first, talent with best formatted profiles which more often than not misrepresent how good they really are.

By adopting reviews, we fix this problem in a win-win scenario. Candidates spend more time delivering great value and letting their testimonials speak on their behalf; while hiring managers source through these qualified testimonials to decide who should be even interviewed. Reviews give an accurate sense of what exactly a professional was responsible for and their real contributions in the glowing achievements they share in an unverified CV or LinkedIn profile.

The likelihood of a great talent spending months on months undiscovered is dramatically reduced using this approach. Anyone who has gone through many irrelevant profiles or badly formatted CVs looking for right talent can agree that the business case for such an advanced filtering system is clear.

The way it works on KrediblePro is as follows:

  1. Talent receives reviews from people who worked with them
  2. Hiring manager specifies how many minimum reviews they would require before a candidate applies for their job
  3. Only candidates who meet the minimum reviews criteria can apply
  4. Hiring managers browse through reviews and not CVs to decide who to interview or hire

Our responsibility in this process is ensuring the integrity of the reviewers and reviews on our platform, so they can either complement or replace traditional résumés.

This is important in building trust and proving your worth to recruiters, potential clients and collaborators who may want to work with you in some capacity. Your KrediblePro profile can double as your website, or link in social media bio’s, detailing just what a professional catch you are once those microReviews and reviews start to add up.

Learn about giving or receiving your first review on KrediblePro here.