Welcome to Tyfaa Forum!

Welcome to Tyfaa Forum, brought to you by KrediblePro!

Tyfaa stands for thank you for applying, again. This phrase that has become all too common to the average opportunity seeker facing constant rejection in this digital age.

One of the main reasons this rejection keeps happening is because opportunity seeking is often done in isolation, with no community. Covid19 makes the isolation even worse. It doesn’t have to be this way. This is why we have created a space to spark community-driven support and discussions around career growth and hacks.

Platforms like LinkedIn have failed job seekers. Instead of being a place to grow professionally and find your space, they have become more a showcase of how well you are doing, or even worse - how much better your peers are doing, compared to you. Recruiters go on LinkedIn and most job searching platforms to find the best “gems” and not rough diamonds like you.

This is why we are here to tell you that, thank you for applying, again and again. We want to ensure that you have a community invested in your growth and are ready to make your next application better than your last.

On this platform we try to keep most interactions, QnAs public so that one solution can help many more people going through the same issue.

Feel free to introduce yourself in this channel by “Creating a new topic” and tagging it as “introductions” and let your Tyfaa journey begin.

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See you around!


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Dear Tinashe, how are you my name is Mudessir From Ethiopia, I need your advice how can able to perform online Gigs in this platform Thank you

How can I monetize this platform and get paid.am Eger to earn.